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Please excuse construction while we build the future and restore our past

Learn how our renovations accommodate a three-fold growth in passengers.

We have a rich and varied history. Before the Orlando Sanford Airport was the Orlando Sanford Airport, we participated in multiple war efforts, served as a hospital, and even hosted the NY Giants’ training camp.

Since then, 1971 to be exact, we’ve been on a mission—to bring convenient air travel to passengers and economic value to Central Florida.

To fulfill this mission and better serve our passengers, we first had to better ourselves.

That meant a couple things, one being a complete overhaul of our website. More than an information hub, our new website is a marketing tool. It’s how many travelers experience SFB before stepping foot into our airport.

Beyond a new website, bettering ourselves meant a much needed terminal expansion. In this post, we’ll update you on the progress of our exciting expansion project.

Progress on Our Expansion Project

Our terminal expansion project, first announced in mid-2015, is right on track. And it couldn’t come at a better time. With three-fold growth in travelers between 2012–2018, we’re one of the fastest growing airports in North America.

The renovations will help accommodate passenger growth and better serve the 3+ million travelers who passed through Orlando Sanford International Airport in 2018.

The project, estimated at $60 million, will add almost 50k square feet of space to the airport. These renovations include three new baggage carousels and an additional ticket counter, as well as a canopied passenger drop-off and pick-up area, new access to parking to reduce traffic, new bathrooms, nursing centers for moms, and more.

We’re also excited to consolidate passenger screening, making our efficient security checkpoints even more streamlined for guests. Here at SFB, we’re passionate about helping you get where you’re going simpler, faster, and better.

As of January 2019, over 20% of the construction project has been completed, and we expect to make notable progress this year as well. We’re currently on track to complete renovations in 2020.

The Next Big Milestone

If you’re as excited as us about the expansion, you’re probably wondering what changes are coming up. Just wait!

The next big milestone will be the installation of the restored PV1 Ventura Bomber in the terminal. Offering a unique glimpse of the past, the addition of this WWII plane is sure to spark the imagination of children and history buffs alike.

A dedicated group of volunteers worked to restore the plane for over a decade, and it’s finally complete! The PV1 Ventura was unveiled on Aerospace and Aviation Day. Thanks to a successful partnership with Seminole County Schools and Seminole State College, we hosted about 6,000 people for the anticipated debut.

Looking to the Future

In this modern age of flight, it’s hard to overstate the importance of a larger and more functional airport. Moving forward, we believe these improvements will make air travel more efficient, affordable, and comfortable for our passengers, and as a result, bring more economic value to Central Florida.

As Diane Crews, our President and CEO, said, “It’s all about being able to facilitate the growth for our airlines, for new airlines, and for our passengers.”

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