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Since 1971, we’ve strived to make air travel efficient, affordable, and comfortable for our passengers.

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Sanford Airport Authority to operate, maintain, improve, expand and professionally manage the Orlando Sanford International Airport for the convenience and benefit of the air traveling public and economic development of the Central Florida community. In furtherance of this mission, the Authority shall seek both aviation and non-aviation business and industry to utilize the land, services and facilities located at the airport, and shall manage the airport resources in a prudent, lawful, community-conscious and fiscally responsible manner.

Our Roots

Having participated in multiple war efforts and hosted the NY Giants training camp, the Orlando Sanford Airport has a rich and unique history.

  1. 1942

    • 865-acre Airport with two runways and City-owned.
    • June 11, 1942: Airport deeded to the U.S. Navy by the City.
    • November 3, 1942: Commissioned as Naval Air Station Sanford.
  2. 1943

    • Active flight operations begin as a Fighter/Dive-Bomber training base.
  3. 1946

    • Naval Air Station decommissioned following WWII and the City reacquired the Airport.
  4. 1946–1950

    • Accommodated tenants like the NY Giants Training Camp, a hospital, and more.
  5. 1951

    • U.S. Navy reacquired the Airport, purchasing additional acreage to total 1,644.
    • Established an important training base for fighter, attack, and reconnaissance aircraft during the Cold War years.
  6. 1968–1969

    • Sanford Naval Air Station permanently decommissioned.
    • City reacquired the Airport as a General Aviation Facility formed to promote industry at the Airport.
  7. 1970

    • The Industrial Commission was replaced by a City Aviation Department.
  8. 1971

    • Florida Legislature created the Sanford Airport Authority to oversee the Airport.
    • Runway 9L-27 R was upgraded to encourage aviation activity.
  9. 1980’s

    • Sanford Airport became the Central Florida Regional Airport, active for General Aviation, Private Pilot, and Flight Training.
    • The Industrial Park grew, attracting business and jobs adjacent to the airfield.
  10. 1995

    • The International Terminal A was constructed, including Customs and Immigration Services.
    • International Commercial Aviation commenced with scheduled charter flights from the United Kingdom via Britannia Airlines and AirTours Operations.
  11. 1996

    • SAA renamed the Airport to Orlando Sanford International Airport.
  12. 1997

    • Runway 9R- 27L was constructed to facilitate General Aviation and flight training.
  13. 1999

    • Domestic Passenger Service established.
  14. 2001

    • Terminal B Constructed and International Ramp rehabilitated.
    • September 11, 2001: Air Service was grounded by the Terrorist Attacks on the Twin Towers and Pentagon.
  15. 2003–2006

    • Taxiway Bravo, Northside Ramp, and the East Terminal Apron Constructed.
    • Parallel Taxiway Sierra was constructed to serve Runway 9R-27L.
    • Runway 9L-27R was improved.
  16. 2007

    • An 830-space Parking Garage was constructed for passenger convenience.
  17. 2008–2015

    • Runway 9R-27L and 9L 27R were extended to increase air capacity.
    • Southwest Ramp Rehabilitation Project Phases 1 & 2 completed.
  18. 2015

    • Private Security Screening begins at Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB).
    • One of few Airports in the country to privatize screening.
  19. 2016

    • Diane Crews became the first female Airport President at OSIA.
    • The third phase of the Southwest Ramp Rehab project completed, improving service capability for aviation tenants.
  20. 2017

    • New Outbound and Inbound Baggage facilities completed, increasing the efficiency of baggage delivery.
    • The new Terminal Expansion design finalized & Domestic Air Service expands.
    • International Service opened new markets.
  21. 2018

    • Taxiway Romeo rehabilitated
    • East Terminal Apron expanded
    • Terminal Expansion project commenced
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