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Get Connected

Do you need to work or just want to save data? We’re happy to provide free WiFi to you and all our guests.

How to Connect

Connect to “SFB-Public” to work and play online. No password is required. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you should be connected!

SFB WiFi Connection Guide

1. Choose SFB Public in your WiFi settings. 2. Click on Connect to to WiFi.

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SFB is always convenient and friendly. Our direct flight had us quickly on our way!
It was so nice to not feel crowded or overwhelmed at the airport.
We’ve been flying our entire family through SFB for over 15 years. We love it!
We love the direct flights and never lose our bags flying through here.
We travel with pets, so it’s nice to have found an airport we can trust to treat him well!

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