Director of Maintenance

The Orlando Sanford International Airport (OSIA) is an FAA Part 139 Certificated Airport that serves domestic and international airlines. The Sanford Airport Authority (SAA), which owns and operates the airport, is comprised of 3000 acres of land, over 10 million square feet of paved roads/taxiways/runways/aprons, and supports over two hundred tenants comprised of businesses and private and corporate aircraft. This staff position will join the SAA approximate 100 staff team to carry out the airport’s safe and efficient operation. The maintenance obligation performed by the SAA team is essential to meeting the overall mission of owning and operating a safe and efficient airport that satisfies the needs of all airport tenants, which then generates transportation, jobs, and economic benefit to the region.


This position manages the approximate twenty-five maintenance department staff responsible for the care of airport property performance, grounds, pavements, and some facility assets. Including functions to respond to requests for maintenance, repairs, and construction projects, oversee and develop the software-based work order system, supervise and direct the activities of grounds and facilities team members. The critical aspect of this position is to plan the routine maintenance to sustain the airport’s safety and efficiency.


· Manages the Sanford Airport Authority Maintenance Department to ensure the airfield, airport grounds, tenant facilities, and Authority equipment are maintained in a safe, reliable, and operational condition.

· Receive, review, and prioritize all requests for maintenance or repairs, including lighting systems, pavements (airfield, lots, roads), grounds, airfield, and roads markings, signage, and any of the airport tenant buildings that require the airport to maintain certain parts of the building according to the lease agreement.

· Create and maintain all pertinent building records of completed and anticipated maintenance and items. Manage the department’s expenditures consistent with the budget parameters previously planned, and manage all procurement associated with the budget.

· Plan and assign team members and contractors duties, ensuring that all comply with Building Codes, 14 CFR FAA Part 139 or 49 FAA CFR Part 1542, as applicable to maintain airport according to regulations and tenant obligations. Read and review plans and blueprints.

· Develop departmental operating budgets for Maintenance, conduct the associated procurement of goods and services, and monitor these expenditures, and complete approvals for payment of these obligations.

· Plan, organize, and manage all maintenance department obligations through subordinate supervisors and administrative staff to ensure effective planning and execution of Airport asset life cycle maintenance and help establish infrastructure management standards. Work with the management team to develop capital improvement project budgets.

· Proactively monitor conditions in and around the Airport to ensure regulatory compliance and safety. Orchestrate ongoing preventative maintenance tasks by staff and special assignments as required.

· Interact with vendors, contractors, and team members, in determining the extent of project requirements and expectations. Work with other larger airport construction project management staff to coordinate the interface with other airport grounds and facilities while keeping functionality.

· Participate in the interviewing of maintenance staff candidates, then manage the training of new hires. Provide consistent technical oversight, direction, and mentoring, of the maintenance team, both as a department and individually. Evaluate performance, conduct counseling, cross-training, and coaching to employees. Inspire and maintain a harmonious team and employer relations focused on the airport mission.

· Review safety procedures with team members and ensure procedures are followed, and appropriate PPE is used. Report immediately on any workplace accidents. Ensure team members are aware and operate in compliance with Airport security restrictions and TSA procedures.

· Work cohesively with the airport management team in planning and decision making. Interact harmoniously with tenants and the general public at the highest customer service level.


· Optimize the daily maintenance operations as required to maintain productive workflow to meet schedules and quality requirements

· Plan and manage time off maintenance staff consistent with the demands of meeting the airport maintenance performance objectives and ongoing responsibilities.

· Create scope of work and specifications documents to use in the procurement of services and materials.

· Perform other related duties as assigned.


Use computer and computer systems, common office equipment, including Microsoft Office and other applications, maintenance work order software, vehicle, equipment, and radio systems.

  • Full Time
  • Maintenance
  • EMA-109
  • EVP / COO
  • · Minimum of five years related full-time management or supervisory experience in facility maintenance, construction management, technical trade, engineering, or construction.; AND some level of degree, license, or certification in facilities management or related field. In addition, training or work experience in basic wiring, plumbing, HVAC systems, mechanics, carpentry, refrigeration systems, pavement maintenance, or building construction preferred. Airport experience preferred but not required.

    · Must possess a valid Florida Driver’s License or ability to obtain within 30 days from date of hire.

    · Must able to obtain and maintain a Secure Identification Display Area (SIDA) Badge.

  • United States (Required)
  • Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Retirement Plan, Paid Time Off, Employee Assistance Program, Flexible Spending Account, Disability Insurance, Life Insurance
  • 7AM
  • 4PM
  • Monday-Friday
  • COVID-19 Precaution(s):

    • Remote interview process
    • Personal protective equipment provided or required
    • Temperature screenings
    • Social distancing guidelines in place
    • Virtual meetings
    • Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place
    • Criminal background check (Required)

  • No

Grounds Maintenance

Perform duties to perform a variety of landscaping and groundskeeping activities, and provide preventative maintenance on the heavy equipment used, complying with instructions and prescribed routines, methods or procedures and involving the making of minor decisions.


  • Work from written and verbal work orders and diagrams.
  • Maintain certification for airfield access having completed the computer-based training, and passing airfield familiarization of markings test. Learn how to communicate with the Tower while working on the airfield. Ride-on mowers or work on the airfield with a co-worker who is fully trained on the job.
  • Participate in activities to perform daily preventative maintenance on tractors. Grease, blow out the filter, check radiator and tires, check fluid levels, check gearbox, and sharpen blades.
  • Maintain assigned tractor. Conduct pre-check, and blow out tractor at end of shift.
  • Perform landscaping activities as assigned including installing plants, mowing with the tractor or boom mower, edging, weed eating, trimming bushes and trees, or irrigation repairs. Maintain constant contact with tower when in safety areas.
  • Spray herbicides as directed in defined areas.


  • Perform or assist with any operations, as required to maintain workflow and to meet schedules and quality requirements. Notify supervision of unusual equipment or operating problems and the need for additional material and supplies.
  • Maintain a safe work area and comply with safety procedures and equipment operating rules keeping work area in a clean and orderly condition.
  • Participate in any variety of meetings and work groups to integrate activities, communicate issues, obtain approvals, resolve problems and maintain specified level of knowledge pertaining to new developments, requirements, and policies.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.


Use hand and hand power tools, radio, designated safety equipment, tractor, yard truck, pallet jack, forklift, and hoist.

  • Full Time
  • United States (Preferred)
  • $13.04 to $13.43 /hour
  • Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Retirement Plan, Paid Time Off
  • 7AM
  • 4PM
  • Monday to Friday
    • A job for which military experienced candidates are encouraged to apply
    • Open to applicants under 18 years old, provided it is legally allowed for the job and location
    • Open to applicants who do not have a college diploma
SFB is always convenient and friendly. Our direct flight had us quickly on our way!
It was so nice to not feel crowded or overwhelmed at the airport.
We’ve been flying our entire family through SFB for over 15 years. We love it!
We love the direct flights and never lose our bags flying through here.
We travel with pets, so it’s nice to have found an airport we can trust to treat him well!

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